FARO Love Your Hair 32mm Ceramic Blowdry Brush

FARO Love Your Hair 32mm Ceramic Blowdry Brush


The perfect hairbrush for everyday use. Our award winning FARO range are suitable for home use but they are also used by hairstylists all over the world.

  • Perfect for most hair lengths
  • Suitable for extensions
  • Reduces Frizz & drying time

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This is the perfect professional hairbrush for everyday use at home or in the salon. The ceramic brush has extra large vents that hold the heat and give greater airflow; this reduces frizz and drying time. The steel ionic bristles are designed to gently grip your hair to give you extra volume and gorgeous sleek hair. Whether you want your hair to look sleek and straight or big and bouncy FARO brushes will work for you.

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