Our Met Gala Hairstyle Rundown

Our Met Gala Hairstyle Rundown

A selection of the good, the better and the weird..

You might have spotted a few pictures of Rihanna dressed like The Pope knocking around online this morning.  Are you completely baffled by her get up? Don’t worry, she hasn’t ditched music to become a high priestess. The 70th Annual Met Gala was held in New York last night and the theme was ‘Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination’. Each year, it gets a bit more out there and last night certainly didn’t disappoint. How exactly do you pull off Catholic Imagination on the red carpet? Well, Rihanna and the gang could have used our dodgy confirmation pictures as inspiration and there would have been a slew of wet look perms and corduroy blazers in the papers this morning. Thankfully, they didn’t. Some celebrities took the theme as a direct order whilst others used it a loose guideline. Here’s a selection of the good, the better and the weird….

Sienna Miller looked heavenly in a gold sequined skirt, simple long sleeve white top and chunky neck piece. For her crowning glory, she went for, what she does best, an understated boho wave, teamed with a star headpiece. Gorgeous.


Kylie Jenner has always gone for a quite simple hairstyle for the Met Gala and followed suit this year, for her first official appearance since the birth of baby Stormi. She left the wigs at home and decided against a hairpiece, opting instead for a minimalist low pony. You have to hand it to her, she’s looking absolutely fantastic for a new mum and fair play to her for even getting dressed. However, we can’t help but feel that the dress is a little bit disappointing – it looks a bit like a black strapless bra and a pair of spanx?!



However, her big sis Kim Kardashian looks like a mix between a Bond Girl, Cleopatra and an Oscar award (in the best possible way) and as always, she looks incredible. We are obsessed with her sleek pony!


Ashley Graham’s gown doesn’t scream ‘Catholic Imagination’ but it certainly ticks the ‘Heavenly Body’ box and she also debuted a brand new hairstyle. Just hours before walking the red carpet, the model made the plunge and got her gorgeous hair chopped right up. But, we are loving her smooth centre-parted bob. Fab.


Does Gigi Hadid ever do wrong? The answer is no. Here in the Faro offices, we are loving her 60s hair vibe and it’s actually pretty easy to recreate if you want to give it a whirl for a summer wedding. Gigi has gone with a centre parting and plenty of body at the crown which can be achieved with the Faro styling comb and our brand new volumising spritz.


The word is that Blake Lively’s intricate Versace bodice took 600 hours in embroider but it was time well spent because, as per usual, she dazzled on the red carpet. Her regal beaded gown was a real show stopper and by the looks of it, she’ll have muscles on her muscles after dragging her train around all night. Imagine the craic trying to go for a wee in that?! She finished her look with a textured up do and an angelic halo headpiece.



And finally, we have the ‘Holy God’ section.

Sarah Jessica Parker and Rihanna are not known for being shy and retiring when it comes to fashion and both of them decided to go full ‘Pope Francis’ last night. SJP, who says she stuck to the theme religiously (sorry), wore head to toe Dolce and Gabanna and her headpiece even featured a scene from the Nativity. Rihanna, on the other hand, wore a pearl and jewel encrusted piece by designer Margiela and looked incredible. Now, will we see her supporting the man himself at the Phoenix Park this summer? We’ll say a prayer.


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